No.8 Nanako Ishido Prize

Ongaku-de-asobo Picotons

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.(Japan)


“Let’s Play with Music: Picotons” is designed for the “toio”, robot toy.
By simply touching and sliding the “toio core cube” on the included mat or picture-book-style playbook, even small children can intuitively play and record music, and it is a new way to learn a wide range of music while playing with characters and games.

Prize Comment

Just by touching the cute characters on the playbook or playmat, you can play sounds, beat out the rhythms, and enjoy music freely.
The way it works is simple, but by playfully completing the tasks, you can learn the basics of music and even compose and perform music in earnest.
Music has always been difficult compared to drawing with crayons or creating objects with clay.
Playing a musical instrument requires a lot of practice, and composing music has somehow become the preserve of specialists with special knowledge.
However, with the Picotons playbook, even small children can easily play and compose music.
I hope that as more tools like this become available, the range of creativity and expression will expand even further.(Nanako Ishido Ph.D.)