Works for submission

We are pleased to announce the opening of Digital Ehon Award 2024 and accepting entries from today.
Fun! Never seen before! Broaden horizons!
We are looking forward to receiving many submissions from all over the world !

SUbmission Period

Thu 25th July,2024

Award ceremony

The results will be announced around the Mid-October 2024.
We will keep you posted on the details on Digital Ehon Award official website when they are finalized.

Type of prizes

  • Grand Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Jury’s Special Prize
  • Kids Prize Grand Prize/Second Prize
  • …and more.


  • Koji Ishikawa – Children’s Book Author
  • Kadokawa Culture Museum
  • Keitaro Kamijyo – Whatever(Creative Director / Producer) / Open Medical Lab COO
  • Tom kawada – AR Three Brothers
  • Yuichi Kimura – Children’s Book Author
  • Yuuichi Kimura – Comedian
  • kiri – Professor of Jyoshibi University of Art and Design
  • Yoichi Sakakihara – M.D., Emeritus Professor of Ochanomizu University
  • Taro Yabe – Comedian & Comic Artist
  • Nanako Ishido – Chairperson of International Digital Children’s Book Fair Executive Committee, Professor – Keio University



The organisation began its activities in 2002 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of creating opportunities for children to create and express themselves and to nurture their imaginative powers.

To date, we have held approximately 3,000 workshops across the country, in which about 600,000 children have participated. In 2022, the organisation celebrated its 20th anniversary.


“B Lab,” taking the initials from “Beyond, Borderless, Breakthrough,” is a participatory platform aimed at connecting universities, research institutes, regions, and talents worldwide under the guise of a research institute. It integrates the expertise and knowledge of many individuals, fostering the creation of new technologies, services, content, businesses, and societies. Despite its wide scope encompassing technology development, solving social issues, and generating new services, the common thread lies in societal implementation, emphasizing collective creation. It strives to match challenges, ideas, technologies, funds, skills, and people, fostering an interesting future from small to large creations, all created together.