No.7 Second Prize

Kairyu Maker

Shinya Yoshida MontBlanc Pictures(Japan)


This work is an interactive exhibit where rocks and ships are placed on the Kanmon Straits to observe the tide.
Placing a rock model in the sea changes the tide in the image, and placing the ship’s panel makes the ship appear on the sea.
The tide changes direction over a period of time, and the movement of the ship is affected by the flow.
By touching the tide in the Kanmon Straits with your own hands, you can enjoy and learn the effects of the tide on ships.
This is a permanent exhibition of the Kanmon Strait Museum which opened in September 2019.

Comment by Juror

The interesting part of this exhibition is that the huge terrain called “Kanmon Strait” is reproduced by digital simulation and you can actually experience the flow of seawater by blacing rocks and floating boats on the water. It is a wonderful idea for children to enjoy the magnificent water play in digital space while learning the effects of tides on ships. This work shows the great potential of interactive Digital Ehon on the theme of “local identity”. With such an exhibition, museums will be much closer and more fun.( Koji Ishikawa)

This work is very attractive particularly because it has “connection with the community” and “developability”. Moreover, the structure that a tide changes when you put a stone is very simple and easy to understand. A design that allows children to easily learn while playing and sharing with parents and friends is a good learning environment for children, making use of the characteristics of digital works and exhibits.It seems that geopolitics such as the past, the future, and emergencies can be themed. This exhibition has a new perspective. (Tsuguhiko Kadokawa)