No.4 Sugiyama Tomoyuki Award

Collage Paint

Studio Beatnix, Ltd.(Japan)


This is an app to create your own collage art by cutting out the sceneries from the photos on your camera. You will be surprised to see how easy to make the collage. There will be many exciting findings by focusing closely on the surrounding shapes and colors. Feel free to play with app outside!

Prize Comment

“Hello. I am Inafuku from Studio Beatnix. I am deeply honored to receive such a wonderful award. I have been producing the app through trial and error by myself, so the recognition you have given me is truly an inspiration. I plan to brush up the app to make it user friendly. ‘Collage Paint’ may be difficult for young children to play with, but it is easy to cut out the images so I hope children will enjoy creating their collage with their nearby adults. Also, I hope children will not only play at home but to go on an adventure ouside to cut out the surrounding environment.

Comment by Juror

I was able to smoothly cut out the scenes from the photos that I took, and felt good using the app. In this app, the user could collect the materials from anywhere, from a mountain, city, or in a room, and could instantly make a collage on the spot. The best part of making a collage is that it could deliver the results immediately, and I believe this app has made use of such characteristic to its full potential. This piece will easily provide a creative experience to children, and may even trigger children to create their own Digital Ehon, which was why it was highly regarded.
(Tomoyuki, Sugiyama)