No.4 Mizuguchi Tetsuya Award

Opera Maker

Interactive Media Foundation(Germany)


With ‘Opera Maker“, kids can create their own opera in a very playful way. They direct in easy steps, choose colorful costumes for their characters and create the stage design themselves. With their own foto and voice, they add their special, personal touch to the characters. They can count on famous opera classics like the Magic Flute, Hansel&Gretel and Wilhelm Tell for inspiration. We do not have in mind to simply instruct and transmit knowledge. Instead, „Opera Maker“ encourages children to independently explore. It makes them experience music and awakes the fascination for the genre opera, on a very playful level.

Prize Comment

Dear audience of the Ehon Award, we are the team behind the Opera Maker. We want to say thanks to the jury and we wish you all a very nice evening. (*In Japanese) We are the Opera Maker team from Berline. Thank you so much for the Ehon Award. Thank you!

Comment by Juror

Taking photos of various facial expressions in front of a camera, acting as a character in an opera performance… FUN! It made me realize how easily one could play with such interactions, and made me ponder about the exciting future of Digital Ehon. (Tetsuya Mizuguchi)