No.4 Sakakihara Yoichi Award


Patrick Smith(U.S.A.)


Metamorphabet is a playful, interactive alphabet for all ages.
-Featured on the App Store.
-Winner of the 2015 Independent Games Festival Award for Excellence in Visual Art

Prize Comment

I believe there is room in the world for more imaginative and playful experiences ― not only for children, but for everyone. I’m proud to learn that Metamorphabet has been recognized by the Digital Ehon Award, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to introduce it to a wider audience.
– Patrick Smith (Vectorpark, Inc)

Comment by Juror

The alphabet starts moving and transforms when you touch the screen. In this educational Digital Ehon, the reader will be able to learn the object’s name and spelling with an excitement. With the exhilarating movement and transformation, you will even forget that it is even an educational tool.
(Yoichi Sakakihara)