No.8 Taro Yabe Prize




This work was created as touch panel content for kids’ spaces in places such as commercial facilities and stores.

By touching the screen and selecting characters and scenes from old tales based on “Momotaro” one after another, you can create and enjoy your own original story.

You can choose the options to make the story of the royal road, or you can deliberately choose strange options, and you can play freely.
We will nurture children’s imagination through a story in which branches spread infinitely without being bound by a predetermined story flow.

At the end, an animation of the story diverging is played, and the “title” of the completed old tale is displayed.
What kind of ending will the story have? What kind of title will be named other than “Momotaro”? You can enjoy it with along with these excitement.

Comment by Juror

I found it interesting that the story of Momotaro, which we all know, can be changed with a great deal of freedom.
Instead of a predetermined story, you can take the story in many different directions on your own.
Instead of saying That’s not right!” and denying it, we all laugh and say, “That’s possible,” or “That’s interesting, too.” And I think it’s fascinating to see how the original work changes so drastically.
You don’t have to impose “it has to be this way”, but I think any story is fine.
I thought it was great that we could feel diversity while laughing, instead of thinking about it difficultly.(Taro Yabe)