No.8 Kids Second Prize

Digital Surfing

Kaisei Akiyama(Japan)


You can enjoy surfing, snowboarding, and skysurfing in the comfort of your own home while moving your body. The balance board has a micro bit attached to it as a controller, making it perfect for moms to lose weight.

Comment by Juror

I thought the most fascinating aspect of this work was that it connected two programs that children often use so that they could move not only the digital screen but also real-world objects and their bodies at the same time. It’s a game where you can move your body, so even if you’re not familiar with digital technology, your friends can easily participate and enjoy the game. I think it provides an opportunity to connect to new ideas and values at the same time. I hope that everyone will play together to develop their creativity and connect it to the future.(Tsuguhiko Kadokawa)