No.8 Kids Grand Prize


Akari Kawaguchi/Sousuke Kawaguchi(Japan)


We thought about how to convey the charm of Aichi prefecture where we live. Therefore, I referred to a book called “Zannennai Kimono Encyclopedia” that we like.

Comment by Juror

The work, which starts with a humorous title, is not just a pun, but actually examines Aichi Prefecture from every angle and expresses itself beautifully, right down to the “”zan-nen”( it means sad in Japanese) ending.
And if you look at the whole thing, it’s amazing because it’s colored by a deep love for Aichi Prefecture, his hometown.
I thought that if we could create a Zan-nen series like this, based on themes from all over the country, we would be able to learn more about the region while having fun, which would help promote tourism and make tourism itself more profound.(Yuichi Kimura/Children’s book author)