No.8 Yoichi Sakakihara Prize

How do Animals Work?

Learny Land(Spain)


Enjoy and learn while discovering seven vertebrates of the Amazon rainforest with all their systems – such as circulatory, nervous, and digestive – their skeleton, reproduction, and most amazing abilities.
Play and discover the macaws, electric eels, poison dart frog, spider monkey, anaconda, pink river dolphin, and jaguar with this educational and fun application ideal for the most curious users.

Prize Comment

The whole Learny Land team is delighted and grateful for the “Yoichi Sakakihara Prize”. As we do with all our apps for kids, we created and developed “How do Animals Work?” with love and enthusiasm. So, this recognition fills us with joy. Thank you so much!

Comment by Juror

Developmental psychology research has shown that some children prefer stories and others prefer illustrated books. “”How do animals work?”” is an illustrated book that allows “”illustrated book type”” children who love animals, insects, plants, etc. to encounter various animals in the beautiful Amazon nature and learn about their body systems, food, etc. This book will help children deepen their understanding of the wonders of nature.
It makes me want to go to the Amazon!(Yoichi Sakakihara)