No.8 Masashi Kawamura Prize

Okunai Boken-no-shima Docodoco

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Inc.(Japan)


 “Docodoco”, an indoor and adventure island, is a digital playground where you can play with adventures full of dreams. Play in the swamp of the jungle, slide in a torrent, jump around on the clouds, meet a mysterious fairy, and become friends.
It is a facility where you can easily experience a dream-filled adventure that embodies the fantasies of such children with a combination of original digital technology and analog play.

Comment by Juror

I thought that this work skillfully extended the concept of picture books to the entire space and created a world that can be enjoyed while playing with the whole body. The number of playgrounds that utilize digital technology is increasing, but there are many places that just randomly introduce digital elements. However, this work was designed to create a unified worldview using both analog and digital technology, and I thought it was wonderful. I also appreciated the fact that each of the individual content is fun for children to play with on their own.(Masashi Kawamura)