No.8 Yuichi Kimura Prize

The Human Body

Tinybop Inc.(America)


The Human Body allows children to explore the systems inside their bodies using an interactive model that “feels”, “sees”, “eats”, and even “poops”. First launched several years ago, we totally rewrote the app last year to include even more systems and interactivity.

In this app we never tell children that the skeletal system holds the body up, we just give them a working skeletal system and if they pull away a bone, the body will fall down.

This app has been used around the world in schools, hospitals, and at home to demystify the body and has been especially important this year in explaining COVID.

We consider play to be the heart of learning.

Comment by Juror

I’ve always liked picture books and illustrated books on the theme of the human body.
I often read them with my children at home.
I felt that THE HUMAN BODY was a solid learning experience that took advantage of the unique qualities of digital technology.
What is in your body, how does it work, and where does it go?
By enjoying and learning about such things, you can enjoy different sensations when you breathe or move your body, for example, and you will have a completely different impression when you look at the blood vessels in your palm or arm.
I thought it was very interesting to see how it changes the way you feel in your body.(Yuichi Kimura/Comedian)