No.8 Koji Ishikawa Prize

Cardinal Land



Cardinal Land is an original geometric puzzle game with an educational twist. Seven continents, more than 80 unique levels with beautiful animals.

Prize Comment

We are very excited to receive such a valuable prize! Digital Ehon Award is a great event for game developers to share their artwork. Thank you for the trust!

Comment by Juror

This is an app for beautiful puzzles featuring animals from around the world.
Rotate and fit the parts that appear at the bottom of the screen onto the silhouette displayed at the top of the screen to complete the animal. It’s also fun to see trivia about the animal displayed as a reward for success.

The 84 animals, designed with only linear color surfaces, capture the characteristics of each animal well.
The simple and comfortable shape reminded me of the beauty of Japanese origami.
It seems simple, but it is a puzzle that requires a lot of thinking, so I think both children and adults will enjoy it.(Koji Ishikawa)