No.8 Laugh & Peace_Mother Prize


jörg piringer(Austria)


Create and control tiny sound-creatures in the shape of letters that react to gravity or each other and generate rhythms and soundscapes. Dive into a micro world of sounds, movement and touch. But beware! Using this app might change your daily reading and talking experience.

Prize Comment

am very honored to receive this prize! i believe that experiencing language and letters should be a joyful act so the【Laugh & Peace_Mother Prize】seems to be a perfect fit for my app.

Comment by Juror

When I first played this app, I was taken aback. What in the world is the point of this app? What does it mean? But I found myself playing it over and over again, fascinated by the strange movements of the alphabets and the spell-like sounds they made when they hit the wall.
“You don’t have to think about the meaning. Don’t think about the meaning, because it’s fun and you can get absorbed in it.” This is one of the spirits that we at Rough & Peace Mother want to cherish. We have chosen this strange app, which embodies this spirit beautifully, for the Mother Award.(Masayuki Fujikata)