No.8 Second Prize

Wonder Woollies Play World

Fuzzy House(Denmark)


Wonder Woollies is a dreamlike, cozy digital play universe. Kids can explore the universe, build stuff to play with, create their own narratives and get inspired to more play by watching short animated films. The Woollies are six small furry friends with different interests. One lives in a piano, one in a watering can and one in a space rocket. Their houses seem to be the result of their explorative play – built of this and that.

Comment by Juror

I was fascinated by the fluffy characters and the detail of the handmade backgrounds.
The visuals are appealing as a traditional paper picture book, but there is also the fun of customizing the author’s world with your preferences, such as choosing colorful and slightly oddly shaped objects to add to the background. In this cute world, children can create their own stories and new games with their friends. It will nurture children’s curiosity and ability to imagine.
When I touch the screen, I feel a variety of textures. The power of visuals is great!(kiri)