Sesame Workshop


Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street which reaches 156 million children across more than 150 countries. The Workshop’s mission is to use the educational power of media to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Delivered through a variety of platforms, including television programs, digital experiences, books and community engagement, its research-based programs are tailored to the needs of the communities and countries they serve.

For more information about our activities in Japan, visit us at

For more information about our activities around the world, visit us at www.sesameworkshop.org


Sesame Workshop is launching a new series of eBooks, featuring the stories of our global education program “Dream, Save, Do: Financial Empowerment for Families.” The program is sponsored by MetLife Foundation and intended to help children, and the adults in their lives, acquire healthy financial skills and behaviors.

For more information about the program, visit us at dsd.sesamestreetjapan.org

5th Digital Ehon Award

Newly established “Sesame Street Prize”!!


Digital Ehon Award’s official sponsor Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street) will screen the works submitted to the 5th Digital Ehon Award. The lucky winner will be awarded with “Sesame Street Prize“!

Please submit your works from here!