No.9 Nanako Ishido Prize

Labo Doodle

Labo Lado(China)


Labo Doodle is a step-by-step drawing education app for kids. In the app, kids can generate characters through the games or create their own characters and then learn how to draw the characters step by step. It is an art initiation and learning game app that can enhance children’s creativity and imagination.

Prize Comment

We are very honored to receive this award. Our team has been developing apps that make kids love art, creation and science, and our apps are loved by kids all over the world. We are very happy to be recognized by the experts this time.Thanks.

Comment by Juror

An app that lets you enjoy learning how to draw illustrations with characters such as animals, monsters, and fruits as the main characters.
The design is high, and it makes me feel excited and fun just by looking at it.
The illustrations can be drawn easily by simply tracing, so even children who are reluctant to draw from a blank slate can easily take the first step and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, you can also fully enjoy the fun of creating original works by painting, wearing glasses and hats, and being creative.
How about as a first step of illustration production?