No.9 Laugh & Peace_Mother Prize




A home for “shapes” that return to various forms. The form in the dream floats in search of a place where it belongs, and changes according to the place where it is. Place different objects on the table in different combinations. The returned form will change its appearance according to the shape of the object placed. The shape of where we belong, the shape of growth, the shape of dreams, the visible shape, the invisible shape. It is an experience-based work created while imagining stories of various shapes.

Prize Comment

While searching for a unique experience production that combines interactive devices and what you feel in everyday life,
We are very happy that you appreciated our work’s idea and design part.
We are encouraged by this award, We will continue to create many works in the future!
Once again, thank you for holding the Digital Ehon Awards and for selecting our work for the Laugh & Peace Mother Award.
Thank you for choosing our work for this wonderful award from among many entries.

Comment by Juror

More than anything, I thought that the idea of “a device that breathes life according to the shape of an object placed” was interesting. And that great idea is complemented by a very simple and adorable creature design.
I was fascinated by works that made people of all generations, from small children to adults, smile involuntarily, and that they could watch without getting tired of it.