No.5 Yoichi Sakakihara Prize

Artie’s Magic Pencil

Minilab Studios(UK)


There’s a monster on the loose and it’s destroying everything in its way! Help Artie rebuild his world, using a magic pencil. In a land where basic shapes are the building blocks, kids can be the hero and learn how triangles, squares, and circles can create anything, from a butterfly to a building! With a fun story and cute animation, this app teaches the power of art and of helping others.

Prize Comment

Comment by Juror

This is a digital picture book that has a narrative theme and yet very artistic. At first glance, the app looks like a drawing soft, but it has a distinct storyline, and encompasses educational elements when drawing the shapes.
Continuing from last time, I was in charge of reviewing the Digital Ehon Award. As a general remark, not only the number of submissions increased, but there were many high level, rich digital picture books this year.
Yoichi Sakakihara (M.D., Honorary Professor of Ochanomizu University)