No.5 Kiyoko Matsuoka Prize

Wuwu & Co. – a magical picture book

Step In Books(Denmark)


Winner of several awards, among those the Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award 2016. Wuwu & Co. is a new take on children’s illustrated literature: when the iPad is lying down, it works as a normal book with text and the option to have the it read aloud, but when held in upright position, the iPad becomes a sort of window into the storyworld, where the reader can be immersed and move around 360′. Through clever use of sensors Wuwu & Co. keeps the reader actively engaged in the story, while s/he helps the odd creatures of the forest in the coldest winter in 2.000 years.

Prize Comment

We all helped out to create this little app: the amazing illustrator, Kamila Slocinska, drew funny characters, Tim Garbos made a list of useful interactions, author Merete Pryds Helle sat down and wrote five beautiful tales, where the reader becomes the invisible helper sorting out the problems of the quirky characters. This is a story about helping others – in more than one sense. In Step In Books we are grateful we succeed in lifting these stories, interactions and illustrations into a digital universe. On behalf of the team, the author, the illustrator, I thank you for this prestigious award.


Comment by Juror

When the device is lying down, it is like a paper book where you can read the text. When you pick it up, it turns into an interactive digital media. You can enjoy two features, by moving your body, which is unique to digital, and to quietly read the story. Readers are navigated into the story by touching the colorful characters that appear in the monochrome illustration. You can help the creatures by shouting at them, shaking the device, and collecting colors. This is a beautiful piece where readers are able to immerse into the story naturally and enjoy the story.
Kiyoko Matsuoka (Itabashi Art Museum Vice Director)