No.5 Kids Grand Prize

Taiyoukei wo sukue! Daisakusen

Yuber Programming School (Japan)


This is a digital picture book set in a solar system, which was created using Scratch. 25 elementary school children (grade 1 to 5) who love programming, drawing and space gathered to participate in this project. In a group of different age group, specialty and preferences, children worked together and created a story, while feeling joy and difficulty. The theme of the picture book is “Aliens in the solar system acknowledge each other’s features and differences, and corporate, trust and accomplish its goals”, which synchronizes with the project itself.

Prize Comment

Thank you very much for this wonderful prize. A group of 26 elementary school students with different age groups and preferences convened a planning meeting, decided each other’s responsibility, and completed the picture book with Scratch. Just like the theme of the picture book, children were able to acknowledge each other’s diversity and enjoyed making the book as a team. I hope that many people will enjoy reading the digital picture book with elementary school student’s innovative ideas and beautiful illustrations.

After receiving the award, the elementary school designers and programmers were so excited. I believe that children will never forget this excitement and sense of pride.
Yuber Programming School President Rika Nakamura

Comment by Juror

The jurors all loved the unconstrained bright illustrations and the theme “cheer up the sun”! It was cute and interesting how all the friends from various planets got on the rocket. The story, illustration, music, movement, and programming. It was just wonderful to feel the spirit throughout the whole story, spirit of children copropagating and having fun while making the picture book. It made me re-realize the creative powers of children in Japan.
Koji Ishikawa (Picture book author)