No.5 Digital Educational Materials Prize Winner

One Globe Kids – friends around the world

Globe Smart Kids(USA)


One Globe Kids s a non-profit global education program, built around a virtual library of friends in different countries. The program offers a safe and fun way for children 4-10 years old to explore the world and be a global citizen. The materials include:
– My Country stories: beautiful full color photo stories, narrated by real children (currently in English, French and Dutch).
– Interactive friendship activities.
– Free Education Toolkits.

Children can currently visit friends in Haiti, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Burundi, New York City and Israel. They can practice speaking new languages and draw comparisons between their lives. Additions from Israel, Palestine and Norway are in production and friends from the UK, Greenland, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia will join next.

The materials prepare students for success in the diverse globalized 21st century by integrating English and History/Geography studies with the most recent research in intergroup contact. Working with the materials encourages children to appreciate similarities and differences around the world, laying a foundation for global leadership and changemaking.

Comment by Juror

デジタルは距離と時間という制約から子どもたちの学びを解放する。まさにそんなツールになり得るのがOne Gloube Kidsと言える。One Globe Kidshaは、世界をすぐそこにあるものにしてくれる。この教材の良さは、ストーリー性とインタラクティブなコミュニケーションである。さらに、このツールは教員の創造性により、英語とか社会といった教科の枠を超え、学びの可能性を無限に拡げてくれる可能性をもっている。日本語化も待たれるが、あえて英語版で使うこともグローバル化かもしれない。
平井 聡一郎 (株式会社 情報通信総合研究所 特別研究員)