No.5 Digital Educational Materials Second Prize


Agno Almario/Adarna Digital - Adarna House, Inc.(Phillipines)


BuriBooks is an interactive eBook library for children. Using BuriBooks, teachers can insert custom made questions between the pages of childrens book to test a student’s comprehension and other skills. BuriBooks also comes with an analytics platform called It allows the teacher to monitor a student’s reading data and recieve instant feedback through automated checking.

Prize Comment

Comment by Juror

“Reading comprehension” will be ever more important in the future, here and abroad. In particular, comprehending visual media (illustrations, photographs, movies, etc.) and words/sentences are regarded as an important skill in all subjects, mainly in Japanese. Under such circumstances, this is an excellent teaching material that students can learn while maintaining high motivation. Perhaps, readers may also enjoy reading alone from now on.
Hitoshi Nakagawa (The Open University of Japan, Professor (Doctor))

When you think of digital teaching materials, you may picture learning activities taught on PCs and tablets. But BuriBooks is not just an electronic library, but rather a digital platform that could be used as a learning communication tool. Placing digital book as a core learning, books that derived from analogue contents, it is possible to manage reading data, deliver active learning initiated from reading, and communicate with with books. This is a tool that can expand the unlimited potential of analogue contents and books. With the digitalization of Japanese children’s books, I hope that Buribooks will be available for Japanese children.
Soichiro Hirai (InfoCom Research, Inc. Research Fellow)