No.5 Grand Prize

Lucy & Pogo – play, listen and learn

catsndogz gbr(Germany)


“School is for dogs only? I’ll be a dog then!” figures Lucy the cat. She wants to go to school with her neighbordog Pogo so much, that she disguises herself as the new classmate Rocky. Users help her over the course of 13 educative mini-games. In playful lessons, first notes, numbers and letters will be practiced, and values such as tolerance empathy and the desire for knowledge are conveyed.

•Intuitive child-friendly user interface.
•Playful and handmade illustrations. 13 lovely animated films and educative minigames, teaching numbers, letters, music and more.
•Playful, voice-made sounddesign
•Original music by film composer Fritz Flotow.
•Free play is possible in many of the games to make sure you can enjoy playing for as long as you wish.
•Used in many classrooms.

Prize Comment

Thanks to The Juri. We are really happy and honored by this award. And we’re happy that there is people here who love and appreciate Lucy and pogo as much as we do. Big thanks to Gerard and pawel who created the book the app is based on and to the team that made the app with us. We’re happy to be here! Arrigato

Comment by Juror

It was a difficult task choosing one grand prize from all the wonderful submissions. Among the many intellectual training digital works and digital puzzles, this work was indeed a digital picture book.
As a picture book, the idea is interesting. It excites the reader to find out the next development of the story, and the ending is convincing. It has all the wonderful elements of a picture book and skillfully transformed into digital. I hope that many digital picture books like this work will increase in the future.
Yuichi Kimura (Picture book author)