What is “Digital Ehon Award”?

“Digital Ehon Award” is a general term for digital expressions for children. This was established with the aim of fostering and developing “Digital Picture Books” to create rich digital encounters with children who will be the future. Along with the development of digital technology, the environment surrounding us is changing drastically. This applies to the world of children as well. Children living in the 21st Century will live with ever-changing digital technology. We would like to share the novel expressions of the new society and the new communication of digital picture books around the world with children. Digital technology is a tool that can expand the world of children, inflate their imagination, and give shape to their ideas. We are looking for digital picture books from all over the world that will fascinate children this year as well.

What is a “Digital Ehon”?


Any kind of children’s digital expression on PCs, Tablets, Smart Phones, E-Book Readers, Digital Signage Boards, Digital Blackboards, TV and any digital device can apply.


Works for submission

“Digital Picture Books” released before Decamber 18th, 2020. We accept any children’s digital productions including apps, flash, AR regardless of format and devices, that are available for inspection for evaluation.

SUbmission Period

Fri August 19th 2022

Award ceremony

Information of the award ceremony will be announced shortly on this website.

Type of prizes

  • Grand Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Laugh & Peace_Mother Prize
  • Jury’s Special Prize
  • Kids Prize
  • …and more.


  • Koji Ishikawa – Children’s Book Author
  • Tsuguhiko Kadokawa – Chairman of KADOKAWA Corporation
  • Masashi Kawamura – Whatever Chief Creative Officer
  • Yuichi Kimura – Children’s Book Author
  • kiri – Professor of Jyoshibi University of Art and Design
  • Yoichi Sakakihara – M.D., Emeritus Professor of Ochanomizu University
  • Taro Yabe – Comedian & Comic Artist
  • Nanako Ishido – Chairperson of International Digital Children’s Book Fair Executive Committee, President – CANVAS, Professor – Keio University
  • Masayuki Fujikata – Laugh&Peace Mother Director




Laugh & Peace_Mother is a partner of “Digital Ehon Award”. This platform is designed to disseminate educational content locally and internationally under the concept of “Play & Learn”.