*4/10 Update: Entries Closed. Thank you very much for your entry!*

Works for submission

“Digital Children’s Books” released before Friday April 10th, 2017.

Digital productions that are available for inspection under the following environment;
(1) Smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) and other mobile phone devices
(2) Tablet (iPad, Android, etc) and e-book reader
(3) Electronic blackboard, signage and other digital devices
(4) PC, TV

Moreover, digital productions that contain multiple works under single content will be classified as one entry.

Applicant eligibility

Any individual, corporate, organization can submit their works.
Whether you are a professional or an amateur, and regardless of age, sex, nationality, etc, this award is open to every digital children’s book creator.
Please make sure you read thoroughly and accept the entry guidelines.

Submission period

Fri 16th December, 2016 ~ Fri 7th April, 2017 Mon 10th April, 2017

How to enter

Please fill in all the necessary information on the entry form. The entry will be confirmed once you receive an entry completion email from the Digital Children’s Book Fair executive committee.

Information required for entry

    (1) Applicant’s details

  • Entry type (Individual/Organization)
  • Company or organization name (optional)
  • Applicant’s name
  • Business title (optional)
  • Address (*Trophies will be sent directly to the above address to the award winners)
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • (2) Production details

  • Title
  • Abstract (Max. 400 characters)
  • Selling points (Max. 400 characters)
  • Age group
  • Category
  • Copyright
  • Platform (iPad, Android, Web browser, etc. If you have a preferred operating environment, please state in the form)
  • Desktop icon (1024×1024px)
  • 1 ~ 3 images of production (eg. screenshots)
  • 3 promotion code or free demo URL *1
  • Supplemental materials (Optional) *2
  • URL of any website that explains the work
  • Price (Optional)
  • Online Store (Optional)
  • Message to children (Max. 400 characters. optional) *
  • * The above message may be exhibited at the exhibition or on the website.

*1 How to submit your work

Please follow the following instructions when you submit your works available on smart devices.

1. Apps browsable on iOS (eg. iPad, iPhone, iPod)
(1) Apps that are already released on iTunes
① Free Apps: List the free demo URL for 3 promotion codes
② Paid Apps: List 3 promotion codes

(2) Apps that are yet to be released
Please upload ipa file and provisioning file that run on UDID
specified by the committee on a free file sending service*3,
and submit the URL.
* We will inform you of the UDID number after the submission.

2. Apps browsable on Android
(1) Apps that are already released on Google Play
① Free Apps: List the free demo URL for 3 promotion codes
② Paid Apps: List 3 promotion codes

(2) Apps that are yet to be released
Please upload apk file on a free file sending service,
and submit the URL.
*we will inform you of the UDID number after the submission.

3. Apps created by “FlyingCat”
Please submit in accordance to the browsable device.
If your app is not released, you may also submit via “mgl file”.

4. Others
Please contact Digital Ehon Award Committee for details.
Contact: info@digitalehonaward.net (Digital Ehon Award Committee)

*2 Supplemental materials

You may submit any supplemental materials with the app.
Please upload on a free file sending service and submit the URL.

*3 Free file sending service

Please use the below free file delivery services if you wish to send large files of your works or supplementary materials, and list the URL in the entry form.
「Giga File Bin」
「Taku File Bin」
「we transfer」
※ Please choose the 7-day retention period

How to enter for “Digital Educational Materials Prize”

If you wish to enter for Digital Educational Materials Prize,
please mark “Educational Material” on the Category on the entry form and go on to the confirmation page.


Entry to 2017 Digital Children’s Book Fair

2017 Digital Children’s Book Fair will be held simultaneously with Digital Ehon Award. We may ask your permission to exhibit your works at 2017 Digital Children’s Book Fair. In these cases, we will contact you.
*Only works that meet Digital Children’s Book Fair entry guidelines and regulations.

Precautions of submission

· Please be sure to submit your works so that the committee can browse the apps for free.
· Please be sure to indicate if there is a recommended environment (e.g. devices, OS) on the entry form for review.
· Please be sure to specify when there are special circumstances or operating conditions for review (e.g. Requirements of passwords and ID).
· There is no limit on the number of works you can enter. However, you cannot enter more than one work in one application. If you wish to submit multiple works, you must apply one at a time.
You may also submit works created by multiple people. However, in case of any disputes on the submitted work, in relationship between the organizer, the representative must take all responsibility.
· Submissions may be published on websites of Digital Children’s Book Fair, Digital Ehon Award, sponsor, co-host, etc. Please note that the applicant’s name, organization’s name may be listed.
· All intellectual property rights such as industrial property rights and copyrights of the submitted work belong to the applicant. Applicants are required to take measures such as protection of rights on their own responsibility at the time of application. Entrants or winners shall bear all responsibilities for issues relating to entries, intellectual property rights, quality, performance, sales, etc generated on prize-winning works, and the organizer shall not take any responsibility. The organizer will consider applicants have accepted all note mentioned in the “Entry” guidelines.

Personal Information

In regards to enterprise information and personal information provided by applicants and winners, the information will only be used by host/co-host necessary to pursue the performance of Digital Ehon Award. In case of a request for disclosure about the personal information of a specific applicant from an administrative agency etc, we may respond to the request.

Award-Winning Works

Award-winning works of Digital Ehon Award that correspond to any of those mentioned below shall be deemed unacceptable, the organizer may withdraw the award.
(1) When the awarded works have caused significant social damage.
(2) When it is found that the winning work infringes the intellectual property rights of others.

Information of entries and award-winning works

· Intellectual property rights such as industrial property rights and copyrights of information (including images and movies) on entered works provided by applicants shall belong to their respective providers.
· Information about the work and related information provided by applicants may be posted on official websites, and may also be used in limited public relations activities and related events organized by host and co-host. In such case, information may be modified and used only within the unavoidable range, in light of the purpose of use.